Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Niwki Deluxe

These days my conscience starts playing up when I don't update FG. Here I am, sat at work, fretting over not having posting an update for a few days. I may have to change format to just blog about things as and when I encounter them rather than building up entries... still, I'm digressing.

Nikwi Deluxe

Nikwi Deluxe, by Slashstone, is now available under the GPL. This cute 2D platformer is very old school but still well done. It's also a bit silly [you collect sweets, birds poo on you, etc] and therefore suitable for kids, but still isn't easy to don't let the "kids" tag prevent those mega tough macho men amongst you from checking it out. I even made my own screenshot of it, coincidentally of the level where I gave up because it was too hard.

Sadly it is a Windows only game but should work on WINE. Perhaps now it is GPL somebody will port it? Edit - there appears to be a Linux binary. Thanks Mr Anonymous for the tip.

The latest VDrift release seems to have been the critical mass one. Now the community is building and creating content for the game. There's a cool 69 Dodge Charcher which should be in the next release, as well as a parking lot for practicing drifting. It's really nice to see VDrift flourishing after the open source racing scene suffered a serious setback a few years back when Racer became closed source.

Warzone 2.0.4 is now ready. I hope this fixes any problems people may have exprerienced with it. The guys working on Warzone are fans-turned-developers so are learning all the time - things should get smoother with each release.

Finally, the commercial Freelancer has spawned an ambitious fan project, Openlancer. It will no doubt take years to complete and be freeware, but for fans of Freelancer it's worth following. (I only mentioned this because I got Freelancer and Freespace2 confused so thought it may be a fork before I realised my mistake.)


Anonymous said...

Regarding Niwki Deluxe, there is a Linux binary at the site, along with the sources.

Haven't tried it though...

GameGod said...

hahaha, funny you mention the conscience thing, it happens to me too :P

(I'm always afraid that if I don't post for a week, all my readers will never come back, lol)

I've pretty much switched over to a single-entry type post thing, where I just mention one topic or application in a post. I have to say that I do like your aggregate posts though - there's always at least one interesting thing to me in all of your posts.
(I only post aggregate stuff when I just want to throw some cool links out there, or I'm feeling lazy, lol)

Anyways, don't feel bad if you can't post new stuff for a while, it happens to us all. That's what feed readers are for. :)

Dragonfyre13 said...

Thought I would mention, one of the reasons that VDrift is getting a boom is because of the fast and the furious movie out. Drifting was considered a really wierd way to race, but with the release of the movie, it has gotten people interested. That's my take at least.

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