Monday, May 29, 2006

Up & Running

Well I've mostly finished tweaking the site. The next step is to work out a few organisational issues - probably using blogs to "store" articles that are linked on the front page and kept up-to-date.

I saw Formido 1.0.1 on Freshmeat and downloaded it. It had to be compiled. The compilation actually failed initially - you had to create a directory 'obj' first for it to perform the compilation.

$ cd formido-1.0.1
formido-1.0.1$ mkdir obj
formido-1.0.1$ make
formido-1.0.1$ ./formido

It's quickly apparent this game is a simpler version of Phobia III. Although not as polished, it's still fun for a few minutes.

Boson got another update. It is a good example of what it takes to create a successful open source game - long term dedication and steady contributions. Some people will do a lot in a short period of time; these projects usually fizzle out. The Free games that succeed are made over years, not weeks or months.

This game has a lot of potential and I wish I had a computer powerful enough to playtest the latest features. Instead I must make do with the screenshots on the web page. Check them out!

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