Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Ascendency of OpenTTD

OpenTTD is, at the moment, not a Free Software game. However, there are significant efforts underway to address this whilst greatly enhancing the game at the same time. All the graphics are being replaced (and then more created) by high resolution, high quality renders. Looking at the Enhanced GFX wiki page, it is going to be beautiful when ready. I'm optimistic that, given the size of the TTD community, this will be approaching readiness by the end of the year. It's an exciting prospect.

Meanwhile the community effort to create the ultimate transport game seems to have died. Exhaustive planning and a lengthy design document has not inspired people to contribute to it. I told them years ago that without a playable game they will not attract interest. I was derided and ignored, my posts deleted. The open source reality is that working code attracts willing contributors.

In other news, Ascendency has appeared on Abandonia, making it officially freeware - as opposed to legally ambiguous term abandonware. (I wish companies would just release their abandoned games under a Free Software license.) You probably need dosbox to play it. I remember buying the game when I was younger and it was a decent but not spectacular game.

That just makes me look forward to FreeOrion even more.


JGetz said...

Well I'm commenting this post just because it's the last one. I just wanted to say this is a very good blog. There are lots of sites about free games for linux an so. But having one in the form of blog it's great! I don't know if it's the cotent or your writing form that attracts me but you can really count on me to visit your space!
Keep up the good work!

Charlie said...

Thanks for the feedback. It's good to know I'm doing something right! ;-)

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