Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Trigger Rally 0.6.0

Testing Trigger's Physics [source video]

Trigger Rally 0.6.0 for Linux (source portable) brings following new features:
  • New (and old) contributed tracks and events
  • New Practice Mode
  • Paging on the Single Races screen to show all the available tracks
  • Option to show speedometer in KPH or MPH
  • Option to show digital speed on the speed dial ('hybrid' style)
  • Fading track comment and GO at race start
  • Freezing course time when passing through a checkpoint
  • Tweak menu colors for more contrast

PS: If I understand this tweet correctly, this means high-quality motor, drift and crash sounds for Speed Dreams that hopefully will also be usable in Trigger, SuperTuxKart and other racing games.