Saturday, May 24, 2008

News snippets & Big Buck Bunny aka Peach DVD released!

The Apricot open game project is going to open their code/media repository. Packagers are needed to help the project:

if you know something about packaging and bug tracking/solving write to us ! Apply to: res[-a-t-]

OpenFrag 0.5.2 has been released on the project's fifth anniversary. You can get it here and read about the features in this thread.

Ardentryst by Jordan Trudgett is a side-scrolling fantasy rpg that focuses on story and character development. It's python-based and I was able to run it just like that! (it's only one level though.) It even has voices!! (well, ok - only in the intro.)

BBB box

The open movie project Big Buck Bunny (BBB) DVD lay in my mailbox (the real one) today! The movie is what I expected it to be: cute, pretty, shallow, a bit funny. It runs for eight minutes and contains fifteen seconds of grotesque post-credits 'outtake' which some of you might find offensive. O_o

BBB - A graphical glitch!

I'm disappointed about one thing though: The movie lacks sounds! Many scenes feel incomplete with no ear-feed. This problem would probably not exist, if Freesound, which recently reached a sound file count of fifty thousand, finally would support the use of the cc-by license and the public domain.

Watch BBB in Free Gamer neTV now:

I'm sorry, this isn't very open source games related, is it? A bit maybe. Anyways, you can download a 720p version here.