Sunday, November 04, 2007

To do - do the to do

I have a few things to do - notably:

  • Integerate the planet feed

  • Integrate the announcements feed

  • Integrate the forum feed

  • Organise another interview or two

  • Finish my half finished articles that are steadily building as a backlog of drafts

We have all this shiney new infrastructure after some brilliant work by notably Ghoulsblade and Hagish, and I'm dragging my toes including it. Sorry guys!

The planet and the announcements really could get included in any site which would really help to push Free Game development to another level in terms of being accessible and reaching it's audience with minimum effort.

On the Free game side of things, my multiple commitments (notably work and Fortress which I'm trying to get the codebase moving properly) mean I'm not really following the open source game scene as closely as I used to.

Silver Tree

The open source RPG scene is looking quite healthy at the moment. Silver Tree is shaping up well and seems to be shifting away from it's graphical ties with Wesnoth.

There's an update on the Hero of Allacrost website. There's good progress so it looks like they'll have another release before Christmas of this Final Fantasy style game. They also want to make a change to the current battle system because the current one is too demanding on the artists.

Also the Galaxy Mage Redux project is gaining a bit of momentum.

Damn, got to go, will try and be more elaborate tomorrow!