Saturday, August 10, 2019

Shoot Your Goo, fun puzzle platformer made with FTEQW in 48h!

Shoot Your Goo is (despite its name) a family friendly puzzle platformer made in just 48h for the GMTK Game Jam 2019. It could be described as a mix of Angry Birds and mini-golf, but see for yourself:

The source-code can be found here, and you can head over to InsideQC to discuss with the creators.

The team who made this has become quite proficient in turning out interesting game prototypes (Bloodletter, Escape from Space etc.)  with the very cool FTEQW engine... a much advanced Quake1 derived engine (unofficial developer's documentation on the QuakeWiki & source code).

There are also a few other interesting projects with FTEQW, such as CubiQuake, FreeCS, and it has even gotten to the point of being nearly ready as a functional drop in replacement engine for Xonotic.

Semi-OT: Trenchbroom, the modern take on Quake engine mapping is continuing with great improvements and should be on your list to check out for sure

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