Wednesday, July 17, 2019

CoreCtrl is a libre hardware manager

A new tool named CoreCtrl aims to be the first friendly libre GUI application to customize CPU, GPU and other hardware settings for GNU/Linux. This is exciting news for all gaming enthusiasts and developers who seek a way to optimize hardware efficiency without having to go down and dirty into console commands or accessing the BIOS directly.

The developer Juan Palacios describes the app succinctly:

CoreCtrl is a Free and Open Source GNU/Linux application that allows you to control with ease your computer hardware using application profiles. It aims to be flexible, comfortable and accessible to regular users.

You can use it to automatically configure your system when a program is launched (works for Windows applications too). It doesn't matter what the program is, a game, a 3D modeling application, a video editor or... even a compiler! It offers you full hardware control per application.

Support-wise, only AMD GPUs seem to be on the list for now, but different vendor cards are planned for the future as well, according to the roadmap. CPU support is only basic at this point. While I haven't tested the application myself due to compiler errors, this seems to me as a very promising project to keep an eye on for the future.

The developer also has a Patreon page for all those wishing to contribute towards development.

Code license: GPLv3

Via GamingOnLinux

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