Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rhythos RPG Builder Kickstarter

There seem to be not too many Kickstarter projects that promise open-source results (and I have to admit, incentives are lower if you don't get a copy of a cool game at a discounted price ;) ), but the Rhythos RPG builder project looks like one very much worth of support:

The guy behind it (don't miss the slightly goofy video on the kickstarter page ;) ) seems to be quite far along development already, basing the editor on a previous game of his and utilizing the Liberated Pixel Cup graphics.

He is also asking for non-monetary contributions, so check out his newly set-up community website to learn more about how to contribute.

While personally I don't see myself playing such 2D RPGs much, I contributed because it seems like a great platform for young game developers to start out with... and you have to catch them early as they say (no pedobear reference intended :D ).

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