Thursday, December 27, 2012

X-mas round-up

Welcome back to FreeGamer, and I hope you all had some nice holidays and avoided that dreadful family time by doing some productive FOSS game development ;)

So what happened over the holidays? Well contrary to my earlier announcements Cube2:Sauerbraten and AlienArena did not see a new release yet. However maybe they still manage it by the end of the year :) Torque2D MIT is also not yet on their GIT account, but they made a new 2.0 release of the 3D counterpart, and are looking for crowd funding for making a proper Linux port (including all the development tools). So... time to make use of the funds your grandma gave you for X-mas ;)

Also related to one of my previous posts: the help request for OpenDungeons and SumWars, did result in some interesting discussions at the very least. Not much new development regarding OD directly, but a new DungeonKeeper alike project surfaced utilizing the really nice JMonkey3D engine and a University backed AI system. See some early screenshots over here, where the use of OD graphics for "AgentKeeper" (working title) is discussed. Last but not least there was also some talk about using the really nice Lips Of Suna engine for OD, with a quick 2D prototype developed in LUA LÖVE2D.
Regarding SumWars has been also some interest, and hot of the press is an new bug-fix testing release for an new official release early next month.

In unrelated news, there has been an cool new 0 A.D. release, which an awesome video showing off the new render features:

They also made a respectable 2nd place in IndieDB's best upcoming Indie of the Year 2012. Rise of the East Mod development has picked up again too (new video here).

Also watch the Unvanquished page for an "big announcement" at the end of this year, as hinted at in their newest development blog post.

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