Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vote to get Cube 2 devs a free virtual reality kit (Oculus Rift)!

Give Cube 2 some tech!

Vote here for Lee "eihrul" Salzman to receive an Oculus Rift for Cube 2 development!

Oculus Rift is the much lauded VR headset that was Kickstarted recently, making almost 10 times the initial goal in pledges. Unfortunately, it isn't an open project, however, one of the big names in FOSS game dev, Lee "eihrul" Salzman has been nominated to receive a Rift dev kit in a giveaway competition, hosted by Oculus.

Eihrul is the lead developer of the Cube2 "Sauerbraten" engine, that has had implementations other interesting technologies such as the "3rd Space" force feedback vest implemented, making Cube2 an excellent project to provide Rift support.

Vote for him here

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