Thursday, March 08, 2012

OpenMW 0.12: Character Animations

image: Sky in OpenMW (scheduled for 0.13)

OpenMW 0.12 has been released:
This release notably includes NPC and Creature animation, though no A.I. has been implemented, so animations must be activated through console commands. Please review the following:

  • Sounds other than music not working
  • Scroll and button background graphics in launcher not working in Linux package
Important notes:
  • You must remove all old openmw.cfg files in order for the automatic detection of Morrowind installations to work.
  • If the data path is set manually and it contains spaces, it needs to be put inside quotation marks.
  • Various rendering fixes and optimizations
  • Refactored engine class
  • Automatic package building
  • Various build fixes and cleanup
  • Various configuration fixes and cleanup, including detection of existing Morrowind installations
  • Basic NPC/Creature animation support added, must be activated from console
  • Basic implementation of Journal Window added
  • Fix for local scripts continuing to run if associated object is deleted
  • Fix for crash when taking screenshots
  • Fix for crash when visiting Akulakhan’s Chamber
  • Added catching of exceptions thrown in input handling functions
  • Fix for NPC Activation not working properly
  • Allow the player to move away from pre-defined cells