Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OpenArena 0.8.8: 13 Maps, 7 Music Tracks, 1 Player Model

OpenArean 0.8.8 brings many additions and changes. See some of them below:

am_lavactf - Facing New Neko Bot Playermodel - 107 - Open Arena 0.8.8 oa_bases3p3ta - 053 - Open Arena 0.8.8 am_spacecont - 083 - Open Arena 0.8.8 am_thornish - 071 - Open Arena 0.8.8 oa_bases3p3ta - 051 - Open Arena 0.8.8 oa_thor - 042 - Open Arena 0.8.8 am_mckinleyish2 - 084 - Open Arena 0.8.8 mlca1 - 059 - Open Arena 0.8.8
OpenArena 0.8.8 - hover for info - more images here

On a related note: OA's lead dev recently uploaded a Sorceress 3d model that did not make it into the game under GPL2 and CCBY(SA)3:

This is a rejected mystical elf sorceress for my game project OpenArena 3.x. It's rejected due to technical (2 surfaces, and too low poly) and anatomical reasons (regarding the hands and feet). The skin is muddy and low quality is well. This was done in 2009-2010.
Comes weighted to a standard rigify mesh. She has no actual fingers, her hands are mittens!
Might be suitable for a low poly distant camera dungeon crawl. Could even be suitable to produce other characters with in that dungeon crawl.
An alternative worse skin is also included. It's on the second UV Texture layer.

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