Saturday, October 15, 2011

Double 0.7.4: Pingus and M.A.R.S.

No screenshot of Pingus 0.7.4

Version 0.7.4 of Pingus introduces an array of changes:


  • New levelsets, "Desert" and "Factory Campaign" (27 new levels in total)
  • This is the first use of the desert and factory graphics in official levels


  • Deadly fall height increased
  • Digger/Miner/Basher paths cleanup


  • Demo recordings/playback re-implemented (32bit/64bit not compatible)
  • --usedir parameter added (useful for portable play)
  • Unicode support added
  • Option menu added


  • Window can be resized in-game
  • Soundcard dependancy removed
  • Man page added


  • Level dimensions now suit 1920x1200 resolution
  • Anti-aliasing added to bitmap fonts


  • Software rendering improved
  • OpenGL rendering option added


  • Editor enhancements
  • Fixes

Good Old Colorful M.A.R.S. (0.7.4)

0.7.3 and then 0.7.4 of M.A.R.S. were relesed:

  • New speacial
  • New weapon
  • Dutch, Mongolian and Norwegian languages added
  • In-game speed settings

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