Thursday, August 25, 2011

PyWeek 13 (And PyWeek 12 Winners)

It's time PyWeek #13 soon!

The dates of this challenge are are 00:00 UTC 2011-09-11 to 00:00 UTC 2011-09-18.

Friday 2011/08/12Registration underway
Sunday 2011/09/04Theme voting commences
Sunday 2011/09/11Challenge start
Sunday 2011/09/18Challenge end, judging begins
Sunday 2011/10/02Judging closes, winners announced

Check out PyWeek 12's winners by the way:

Loopback: Asteroids + Tower defense. Retro Look. Permissive code license.
Loopback - PyWeek #12 Team Winner

Lemming: Enough Plumbers + Canabalt??? Hand-drawn horrible ;). Permissive code license.

The PyWeek guys seem to have figured out the license part of game prototyping well: Lemming for example contains a list of all used art pieces' urls and licenses. Neat!

PS: Ludum Dare got 600-1 entries last weekend.

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