Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Naev Sound and Xonotic Map Devolution

Spoiler alert regarding a video of a NAEV mission that shows off the sound capacities of the game. The project relies on OpenAL Soft.

You should come for the sound [10MB vorbis rip]* or for the HD version.
Effects to notice:
  • Positional sound (basic for OpenAL)
  • Doppler Effect (depends on velocity)
  • Air absorption factor (sounds like you’re under water)
  • Reverb (also helps make it sound like you’re underwater)
  • Speed of sound changes (depends on nebula density – also for sounding underwater)
* It'd be great if more project took so much care of audio licensing so there could be f-a-i-f game sound walks. Great distraction from urban noise. Game soundtracks are disturbing though mostly.

An amazing screens-video of the different stages of modernizing/Xonoticisizing CBCTF1 - Space CTF to Newtonian Nightmare was posted.

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