Friday, September 10, 2010

Steel Storm - Indie AND open-source

Wait... isn't this FreeGamer? Why do you have a commercial game on your blog about free games?

Well... because it is free, just not as in beer ;) Okok, the first episode is even free as in beer :p

What am I talking about? Steel Storm, an indie arcade top-down shooter:

Steel Storm is based on the GPL engine Darkplaces, and its media license is even "almost" FOSS too with the CC-BY-NC-SA license. This makes it possible to use its engine enhancements (like a in-game editor, a really nice menu system, etc) also in other open-source games!

I think this is actually not a bad compromise between trying to cover some expenses and still making open-source games, and that commercial efforts are not strictly incompatible with FOSS game development can be discussed here ;) It would be cool though, if they would consider a "ransom" design also, i.e. that the game becomes completely FOSS after a certain sum of sales has been reached.

Oh and I almost forgot: you can pre-order the second episode for $10 here

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