Friday, July 09, 2010

Deep Adventure GPLed, Pretty HTML5 Pong, Red Eclipse Status

Feeling random! Bullets! Colors! (Sun does that to you! Don't go outside! Stay inside and make open source games!)

  • Country of Origin is now GPLed
    You are in a computer game in which you have to find the essence of time and space.
    You could be tempted to think this quest is in vain, because you think that questions are more important than answers. But you are in a computer game.
    Games have solutions for they consist of puzzles. And as Thomas Kuhn says, although intrinsic value is no prerequisite for a puzzle, the assured existence of a solution is!
    Country of Origin
  • Web Mega Pong is GPLed, non-forgiving and pretty to look at!
    Web Mega Pong
  • I like Red Eclipse a_lot. I recorded a_lot of gameplay videos. The levels look great!
    Last time I asked, they were aiming for "Sportsy Sci-Fi" and BY-SA-compatible licensed art. Currently the (player/weapon model) style is retro-simple and there are a few non-free licensed assets in the repository. The map style is: cool. :)
    In my humble opinion, the simple/retro look of the players makes me tolerate/not notice the bot's occasional failures. Something about uncanny valley.
    One amazing thing about Red Eclipse is, that each time a new SVN commit gets committed, the official server updates automatically and you can only play using the latest SVN!
    Red Eclipse

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