Thursday, April 15, 2010

SuperTux 3D & Xdriller

youtube-dl: NPK4ZaWYkJU | tinyogg: EWuLa

SuperTux 3D is a 2½ years old idea that is now being turned into reality by using the 2D platformer SuperTux' style and assets and the Blender Game Engine (BGE).
 I think the assets work well in 3D space, but of course controls and camera movement are unpleasant yet.

youtube-dl: OdV9cqdy49s | tinyogg: SRqm9

Xdriller is a falling-cubes-style puzzle game with nice colorful visuals and happy music. I found the game on a while ago and recently got reminded of it when I saw this tux model on OG.

Speaking of Blender and asset sharing: Blendswap currently has a poll on what website feature to add next (right sidebar here) and I would like to encourage you all to vote for the 'licensing' option, as once clear licenses exist, it will be possible to determine what models can be used in fully free as in you-know-what games.


hikaricore said...

That totally gave me Mario64 flashbacks! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Is supertux 2 development still active? It's been a long time we wait for a stable version of it.

qubodup said...

It appers to be active.

Anonymous said...

Great news.
I tried xdriller, I really don't understand the point of this game : I press down and space and it works, I just have to avoid hard blocks in wood or stone. What is supposed to be funny in this?

Anonymous said...

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