Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy Gnu Year

I know it's a corny title but, hey, it doesn't hurt to occasionally pay homage to the movement that preceded what we now know as 'open source'.

2010. Could be a good year!

We have a revamped FreeGameDev forum. It was a big spanner in the works when the previous forum got lost, but in the long term it may have been a blessing in disguise. Now the forum is better organized, using more recognised software, and has a very nice theme designed by Qubodup.

I encourage project maintainers reading this post to go straight to the Project Showcase & Collaboration area and share your hard work with us and the community so that more people can learn of your games.

The FreeGameDev Planet has also since returned, also looking better with a new theme by the dedicated Qubodup. And let's not forget the FreeGameDev Wiki, the place to point any budding open source game developer.

I'd also like some feedback on another idea - an open source games subreddit. This would allow easier submission of game updates or news from anybody. It is moderated, so shouldn't fill up with spam. Since it is part of reddit, it may also result in massively increased exposure for popular submissions. It can also be themed, but there's no point putting effort into that if it's not something that'll get used, so... feedback! :-)

I'd also like to thank Julius for some good articles during a quiet period for Qubodup and myself, and long may it continue - Julius' contributing, that is, not the quiet period! I like to think that the blog does serve a purpose and the more quality content the better.

Well, I hope you have a productive year, and that we get to enjoy the many open source game updates that are going to occur. There are some good ones already that have slipped in during the festive season, but that's for another day!

 - C


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the GNU project would appreciate being called "open source".

Marcus Vinicius said...

Happy FLOSS new year!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

About the forum, I cannot register :
"Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/ in /var/www/ on line 3543
Return to the index page
General Error
template->_tpl_load_file(): File ./styles/qsilver/template/captcha_recaptcha.html does not exist or is empty

Please notify the board administrator or webmaster:"

qubodup said...

mcmic: holy hell! Thanks for telling. Fixed it!

Charlie said...

Conley: I didn't call the GNU movement 'open source'. Read more carefully next time. I am well aware of the difference between Free software and open source, but the latter only exists because of the former, and to be more inclusive we have to cover open source games whilst encouraging them to convert or adhere to Free software principles.

Ádám said...

So what's the difference between Free software and open source software? I started reading that article and it sounded like an old man rambling about how Free software isn't the same as open source software while failing to state the difference.

Julius said...

Open-source is a much broader term, take for example the freespace2 source code... it's open alright but there are many restrictions placed on it which are all against the free software philosophy. Microsoft also has open-source software, but theirs is even worse ;)

Ádám said...

That dude should learn to write summaries of his articles I read trough it and I haven't got the difference without reading the rest of your comment.

So basically open source means that you can look at the code (maybe?) modify it but redistribution can be restricted.
I hope I got it right :D

Julius said...

Yes, more or less... on the other hand FOSS is really more of a philosophy with a certain goal in mind (and strictly adhering to the four laws of freedom).

pyramid said...

A nice game I came across which is not listed on the games list: Secret Maryo Chronicles ( It's a 2d platform game. The name says it all.

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