Sunday, December 06, 2009

News? Yep news!

A bit slow in the world of FOSS gaming lately, and all the forum trouble here at FreeGamer/FreeGameDev certainly didn't help.
But with the help of Ghoul and qudobup there is now a new and advanced forum (well it still needs a nice non-standard style, but functionality is there).
So go and post some FOSS gaming news in there!

Bloodfrontier Beta2

So what news are there actually? Today a new beta of Bloodfrontier has been released! It is a FPS based on Cube2: Sauerbraten, which tries to do some things a little different while still keeping it a fun FPS.

Changes you can expect include running along walls and kicking of them (Parkour like features seem a bit of a trend in gaming lately... War§ow also has a similar feature), all new secondary fire-modes and a precursor to coop campains amongst the usual new maps and graphical updates.

Tremulous 1.2 gameplay beta

Shocking news! After years of waiting there is some movement on the Tremulous 1.2 front. You can now download and update to your existing 1.1 install with which you can test the new game-play changes of the upcoming 1.2 release (when ever that might arrive).
Changes include mostly balancing fixes and some "rearrangements" in game-play.
Sadly it does not include all the nice graphical updates which have leaked from the dev team now and then.

Some news from the Nexuiz forum

No new release from Nexuiz yet, but some interesting news never the less.
There are some nice upcoming new player models (link1, link2); Something which really is the last graphical department where Nexuiz doesn't shine.
And ODE physics have been implemented into Nexuiz:

Besides these great news, there is a nice modification in the works which adds zombies and spider-bots (awesome combination if you ask me ;) ).


Charlie said...

Great post Julius. The graphics update for Tremulous looks pretty neat. I wonder if it'll come in 2010?

Unknown said...

Candy Mountain Charlie!

On another note there's a small typo Bloodfronteer should be Bloodfrontier like in the link.

Julius said...

Fixed ;) Thanks for the hint.

qubodup said...


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