Thursday, June 18, 2009

Turn up the juice!

Go Ollie

An open source platformer I missed yesterday is Go Ollie. It's easy to overlook, I mean, worms are not exactly a glamorous topic. Whilst I'm not sure about the license (somebody care to check? I'm busy!) the game itself is polished and fun. The controls are different to your typical platformer, where instead of moving and jumping your character directly, you select where he moves to with the mouse. Places that can be reached are highlighted, so it's about picking the right path and having the reflexes to do it quickly enough, which can be tricky on scrolling levels.

It seems to be a gift to the Linux community from game makers Tweeler. The graphics and presentation look professional. It's a great game for kids as well as a fun time waster for adults.

<update> Actually Go Ollie is by Charlie Dog Games, but Tweeler acts as a download host for the Mac/Linux version. Also, it is definitely open source - code is GPLv3 and artwork CC-by-sa with exceptions for logos. </update>


There's a new release of VDrift, the open source drift racing game. Version 2009-06-15 is a significant release for the project which sees it re-emerge from a massive refactor as a better game than before the refactoring began. Here's a list of the major changes since the last release, which was after the refactored code stabilized:

  • cars collide with each other in Single Race mode now

  • AI is capable of much faster driving now, so added a difficulty slider

  • off-road tire spin sound support (thanks to slowdan!)

  • support for H-gate shifters

  • improved performance

  • lots of huge bugs fixed, especially car physics bugs


In other racing game news, the TORCS Endurance World Championship 2009 was recently held. The full report found on a participants blog. From what I can gather, it's a long distance race (500km) where people enter their own robot drivers to see how they fare.

Base Command is a fully finished OGRE mini-game. It's a straightforward 3D protect-your-base game, where you shoot down incoming planes. What is interesting is the author has provided an analysis of the game code which would help people who are learning how to program.

Scourge map

My favourite Free software game Scourge enjoys continued progress. There's now an artistic map of the large island that is the game world. There's more information to be found in the 28th "Scourge Weekly" that tracks major developers on an almost-weekly basis. They are still looking for contributors.

There's also more juicy updates on PARPG progress. That project is looking very promising and they are working their way towards their first demo release. Given the coordination and generally high activity of that project, I'm optimistic there'll be something solidly playable before the end of the year. Our own Q put together a video showing where they are currently up to:

Other interesting updates are:

  • Lips of Suna's second release, version 0.0.2, which introduces destructible voxel terrain. Lips of Suna aims to be an innovative 3D online dungeon crawl.

  • The first beta of Leges Motus, a kind of gravityless 2D multiplayer shoot-em-up.

  • A new Palomino release, a lovely looking 3D flight simulator - see this Free Gamer article for more flight sims.

There's probably more... feel free to add updates in the comments below!


Unknown said...

In GoOllie's "COPYING" file it states its license:

Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-ShareAlike

qubodup said...

Yeah, GoOllie is free - I only had some problems compiling it's dependency tuxcap

Anonymous said...

Goolie's code is GPL3 and its media is Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-ShareAlike except for the Charlie Dog Games Logo

Oyente & Hablador said...

I think that Leges Motus is a clon of tactic game that appears in the book Ender's Game, but in the website I don't read the reference.

Sslaxx said...

You REALLY need to do something about the spambots! Eesh.

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