Monday, July 28, 2008

Rubyweekend #2 and Blood Frontier


Early Monday. Pioneer rays of light touched my face like golden hair. It was then that the second Ruby weekend game programming competition came to an end.

The results are not impressive, but much more than I had anticipated. The previous Rubyweekend took place only 1.5 months ago, and the weather motivates to spend time outside the reach of game-creation-suitable input devices. Also my humble opinion is that the topic "opposites" was way too liberal.

Many games weren't finished, though are playable to some degree. Two of the submitted games had incorrect-case directories/filenames!!!! /me rages !!!!11!! Well, let's blame the weather, shall we? :D

Me and kiba wanted to create a simple rts called Playground Wars and we failed. No problem, lesson learned (don't try to make an rts in little time.) No regrets but if I'm to participate in a game creation compo this summer again, I will work for it at night so I can sleep in the sun at daytime!

I like Opposite Islands [video]. Here are all the games. You can take a look at the videos of the other contesting games. You can vote too.

DungeonFarmer is pretty freaky because it has to do with farming in a dungeon! O_o Super StarHawks Gaiden is awesomely neo-retro [video], but was submitted too late. o_O

Regarding other short-time game programming challenges: The next Ludum Dare will happen in 2 weeks and 2 days. It's more than a month until PyWeek #7.

I can't find any official PyDay site any more :(

In other news: I recorded another video of TORCS (slightly better synchronized), after finding out that there is at least one map that looks rather pretty (by my standards.)

Blood Frontier recently started interesting me very much, because it is fun to play. It has great maps and a fine, small weapon selection and it's movement style is definitely something fresh. Give the new alpha a try, it's worth it! [video] The fact that most maps are not just very, but too dark, is something I consider a problem for deathmatch games.

I'm currently reading Learn to Program, it teaches via Ruby. I like it because it takes me by the hand without making me feel stupid. Next up will be the Lua Reference Manual. When I'm done with that, hopefully Python 3000 will be ready for use and learning.

I just checked if I covered in this post everything I have to share and realized that this is about 10%. Next post soon I guess.


TerraRoot said...

have you tried the alpine tracks? made and textured by the same guy who did that dirt track,awesome tracks and good looks.
try pressing the home key while in the that f2 view, makes the racing faster and easier.

Anonymous said...

Pyday is alive and well. Currently the primary person in charge of it has been without an internet connection for the entire month.

Also, there have been difficulties with hosting (as you can tell by it not being there) we have moved to a temporary server, and are working to get the pyday site back up :)

Cheers, Matt

Free Gamer said...

Your driving is terrible Q!

qubodup said...

No, I did not :) I will! thx! (I found the map selection somewhat hard to navigate..)

I wonder what you mean with the F2/Home combi - well, gonna try it anyways I guess.

That's great

qubodup said...

Matt: I meant to say: "that's great!"

charlie: O_o wuuuut?! (yes it might be perhaps I was drunk who knows perhaps I was, Idon't know, wasn't there you didn't see it, police didn't see it, whachagonna do about it huh? huh? see? :p)

Anonymous said...

afaik blood frontier is supposed to (eventually) be a single player game.

I find sauer to be a bit dark anyway, but all that is easily fixable.

blood frontier is something I've had my eye on for a while now, ever since i heard it was to be a single player horror-themed fps, I'm still eagerly awaiting an sp demo.

qubodup said...

anony: the bots are worth a lot of shots :)

Anonymous said...

Eventually, it will have a mission mode, which can be played single player offline or co-op online, now that the AI works in online games.

Mantar said...

Blood Frontier sounds like a Dethklok song.

saleel said...

after failing to crate an rts you wit kiba you said one thing. that's great. you said you learnt lesson and you are not regretting to it. i felt very great about you.

Anonymous said...

blood frontier now has online play working, along with single player mode. its very fun! Everyone- this took some figuring out for me, but to play online you need the most recent version which can be downloaded here as a tarball.( ... z?view=tar ) use 7zip (search for it on sourceforge) to unzip it, then run the batch file after u have unzipped it all the way. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

sorry the link didn't come through. here it is (goes along with post above this)

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