Thursday, March 06, 2008

Screenshots are for wimps

Glest 3.1.2 has been released (changelog, linux). Fixes, minor improvements, good to see some sustained activity for the project and hopefully it keeps on going like this.

SuperTuxKart 0.4 is being packaged as we speak. Eventually (although not yet as of time of writing) they'll be up on Sourceforge. It goes from being quite a naff game (STK 0.3 was basically TuxKart with better graphics, and TuxKart has some serious gameplay flaws) to being really quite a good game. Now it is a bit of polish and some better tracks away from being a great game. I suggest you try it out, the improvement is massive, and if 0.5 brings the same level of improvements as this release, then STK 0.5 will be a very good game indeed.

There's a bit of competition around the corner though. Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.1 was released. This is a sandbox game aimed at kids and this version contains a kart racing mode so kids can build their tracks in the very easy Sauer environment (PAS is a Sauer derivative) and then race on them all without the game without specialist tools or knowledge.

Speaking of Sauerbraten, here's some videos showing how basic world editing works.

Word War vi (that's vi as in vi vs emacs as opposed to VI as in 4 6 (d'oh! dang roman numerals...)) is a side scrolling shooter which is, well, kinda geeky but also kinda fun. (Did you spend a few secs thinking "World War IV" too?)

Finally, the Secret Maryo Chronicles project is looking for a new name to get away from copyright trademark issues with the Mario franchise. I'm sure all good ideas are welcome.

In case you didn't guess from the title, there's no screenshots in the post. I'm too busy to do it today! Edit: Ok, thought I'd post this Word War iv vi video since it's kinda cool:


Anonymous said...

Just for clarification: VI = 6. IV = 4 :)

Andrew said...

Secret Maryo Chronicles would be trying to get away from trademark issues NOT copyright issues. They are extremely different issues. Unless you are saying that they stole the source code or art work?

Free Gamer said...

Oh dear, terrible mistake to make! Funny though, so I'll leave it in.

Anonymous said...

Btw, the "up on Sourceforge" link is pointing to Glest instead of SuperTuxKart.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Glad you liked wordwarvi. (I'm the author.)

Hmm, "kinda geeky", eh?

Well, let's see if I can clear that misconception up.

Try the CVS version. The blimps have text scrolling up the sides, and some of that text that scrolls up the sides of the blimps is ASCII art of Richard Stallman (author of emacs).

I'm not kidding.

so "kinda" geeky may not be entirely accurate. :-)

-- steve

Anonymous said...

SuperTuxKart plays so much better than previous versions; you must play this version if you've played it older versions. The cart physics are greatly improved and doesn't suck morale from you when you make a mistake like before.

Unknown said...

'vi' is actually a Latin word and means "with power" or "through power" (yes, it's an Ablative). It's nominative form is 'vis'. And it's accusative form is 'vim' (hence why the text editors are called vi/vim :P). The special thing about this word is that it has no Dative.

Just for the record :P

Unknown said...

Okay, I just informed myself about vi/vim's naming, and I found out that vi/vim weren't named after the Latin word 'vis'... STILL FUNNY COINCIDENCE THOUGH!!111oneoneone :P

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