Friday, June 08, 2007

Ugh... Missing Title

Following up the recent release of Thunder & Lightening, the action flight combat game, the author has posted a video on the website showcasing a major feature of the next release - an aircraft carrier. It looks cool and TnL is looking like an excellent game. Definitely close to the top of my games-to-play-when-I-upgrade-my-PC list.

What do you get whewn you cross-breed Elite and Space Invaders? Scum of the Universe: "a space trading game that combines two genres: arcade and strategy." It is open source and runs on Windows - but if you are feeling charitable, interestingly, you can still buy the game. From the screenshots, it looks fun. Bah, too many games, not enough time for Charlie to play them!

The other day I mentioned Damnation of the Gods, a Dungeon Master clone. Sadly I jumped the gun a little as development has been inactive for a year or so. However one diligent reader attempted to get it running and overcame a few compilation problems but has yet to get the game in a playable state.

Blocks 5, a challenging freeware puzzle game. Windows only. Check it out if that's your thing, it looks very good.

Ok, enough disjointed messages... I post to FG everyday but my time is limited meaning I don't get the opportunity to do everything I want with the site. Therefore I'm looking for a bit of feedback on what people think I should focus on. Firstly the current content, and secondly what extra feature I should prioritize. Voting will encourage me, if nothing else, so do your bit for the community let me know what you think. :-)


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog, and I don't expect nothing to be changed, because it's fun to read every day from diferent kind of games.

I love the way you present us things you consider interesting to metion. I encourage you to continue this way!

See you!

DarkStarSword said...

I'd just like to draw attention to the fact that Spiderweb Software has released the source code for their classic RPG Blades of Exile under the Common Public License - . I have always been a fan of their (commercial) games, and am glad to see that they are releasing the source for one of their old games.

Steve said...

Could you comment on how easy games are to get running on Linux? IMHO I think it's important that games that are easy to install get credit for doing so. Unfortunately, I just downloaded "Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge", as it looks excellent, but after reading the README, I find I need to download the AlephOne egine, edit configuration files, and then run make commands. WTF?? I know it's free and all that, but with hundreds of other free games out there I've just gone onto the next one. :(

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