Sunday, November 19, 2006

UFO:AI 2.0rc6

UFO:AI 2.0rc6 is out (changelog). "This release candidate should really be the final one for the 2.0 series." With working reaction-fire, an isometric view, and a host of fixes, UFO:AI has emerged as a polished open source game. "We are already working hard on the next major release - the 2.1 tree - which will include a full storyline." Awesome!


federico.almada said...

Yoohoooo!! you are back and with good news :D

gonna try this new version, at least the last wasnt working quite right...!

Thanks for the update! :)

www2 said...

i hef read on the site fotm planeshift that planeshif relase a new version...

Z said...

i think i will wait for the full release. but it is exciting to know they are active developers!

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