Friday, September 08, 2006

Hero of Allacrost

Hero of Allacrost

Hero of Allacrost is a Free single player 2D RPG game that's been in development for some time without any real release. Posted in the Wesnoth forums (rather than their own) is an update on the status of the game which is looking like it could see at least a playable demo release in the near future.

I must admit that after the initial flurry of activity that followed the initial talk about this game in late 2004 and early 2005, it seemed to have suffered the usual "my dream game" death that afflicts a lot of early start-up Free games. However it looks like the main developer(s) was patiently plugging away and congratulations on what looks like shaping up to be a fine game.

A while ago I mentioned Stunt Playground, a free stunt car racer game that was released under the GPL. Well, the same guy Walaber has released another freeware (not GPL) game - a rather cool looking 3D trampolining simulator called, er, Trampoline. Check out the website for screenshots and video links. Sadly it is Windows only.

Slightly off-topic, I was thinking about ways to make my Google ads campaign pay out a little better. I get ~250 (to ~300) views a day and make about $4 a month from this. I've been trying to redesign the site a little for a while. Breaking down the pages (i.e. have the games list on a separate page) might help as might presenting the posts as a summary linked to a separate article page. However my primary concern is not making money but presenting good information - i.e. I don't want people annoyed by ads or having to click too many times. Have we got any readers with good tips or advice? Site improvement ideas not releated to Google ads are welcome!

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Tyler Olsen said...

Hey there, I noticed your blog linking to our site so I came to check it out. :) (I'm the Allacrost project lead). The reason why we didn't post a status update on our own forums was because the site was already under the new design and the screenshots were released, which was the major announcement. I know that we looked dead for a long time; It was mostly because the focus of the work was on the game engine (so there was little to show) and everyone being busy with work/school/life for so many months, but we're finally able to show some real progress. Hopefully that will continue, but right now we are hurting badly for artists and without art, we can't put together a real game.

Anyway thanks for helping to spread the word. I appreciate the fact that you are indexing free game projects as you find them, they are rare gems indeed. ;)

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