Friday, April 04, 2008

Real-time 3D graphics scene graph framework engine toolset

Hi, I'm qubodup; not the regular guy. As you see, I can post here too. We had a discussion about making Free Gamer a collaborative blog a long time ago, so maybe some of you feel like writing big-time? Especially now that Charlie is more busy with life? :)

Another while ago, a related idea came up: Creating a non-English subforum. Here it is and if we're lucky, it might be(come) useful some day!

Among other things, I spent a heap of time on trying to un-messify our free engines list - the result so far is the Work In Progress 3D engines list, please comment which features you think are important for the categorization of real-time 3D graphics libraries (aka. engines ^^) After all, one could say, I create these wiki pages for you. So go ahead and give me instructions.

I visited many IRC channels for getting information about the engines and I learned a bit about them too. For example the PySoy project, (which was formerly based on Soya 3D but was rewritten four times since then) will release a Firefox extension, which will allow you to play 3D games inside the browser window. The idea comes from one of last year's GSoC students, who was involved with the PySoy project. Easy installation is the one pro I see in this idea. At the same time: easy distribution, though we'll have to wait and see to know if it is fast enough for playing.

By the way: PySoy is licensed under the AGPL which is used to enforce copyleft on server software, obviously it aims to be a multiplayer engine and possibly a MMOsomething engine too.. Just imagine: A MMORPG written in Python using the PySoy engine, and all the servers and clients run Ubuntu as their operating system.

Speaking of massive multiplayer online games, if you're in a forum, where you are encouraged to post game ideas or ask for game dev help, you will notice the high percentage of MMO... posts. GameDev.Net has a solution for this: All MMO.. projects are to put [MMO] in the thread title, kind of like [DO NOT READ] for the haters.

I found the following video when browsing the 3D engines' web sites. This clip is more than half a year old, was made for the G3D engine and is in my opinion quite a good promotion video. What really impresses me, is how the video emphasizes the importance of documentation (by just listing it as one pros of the engine).

PS: I was quite surprised, when I red the comments to Charlie's last post. In contrary to the commenting folks, I interpreted his writing as a declaration of a down-phase.

Didn't you notice how there are many many many posts for some time and then nearly none for a while and then again many? Yes, good times and bad times. I don't think Charlie said he 'quit'. He can't hide from his hobbies forever. ^^ I see it more like this: