Sunday, April 06, 2008

And a happy new year...

Bad timing, I know, but better now than waiting until next Christmas! It's a cute snake-like game, RUDI. Source code under GPL, media probably under some non-commercial license. It runs in wine-0.9.58-473-g1eba09b (but without sound for me). Perhaps it can even be compiled for Linux.

One strange thing about the game is the Readme file:

[...] The compiled version of RUDI v0.1 is freeware, but the source of RUDI v0.1 is GPL licensed. You
are not allowed to use any elements of the software (neither the compiled nor the source version)
for any commercial purposes including contest submissions. [...]

I suppose by "Elements" the developer means "media" because it is of course not legal to prohibit commercial use of GPL-software. I'll try to find out. Enjoy the annoyingly movie-trailer-like video!