Thursday, February 19, 2009

Game Testing Job for a Free Software Person

O_o is how I feel right now

So I was browsing the FSF homepage because I wanted to dig up some info on their PDF priority project - but never mind that - and then I think "Let's check out them job listing!" and I do and then BAM! Game Test Analysts, (Santa Monica, CA). So I think to myself "Yeah, right! This has a logical explanation to it! Game theory I bet! So I click it and BAM! O_o! It's a real job offering for beta testing video games and it's posted on the Free Software Foundation's home page!

So it's probably not a commercial open source game project that this is about, but apparently one will test the game on the GNU/Linux platform and most likely use open source tools for bug reporting.

Nothing *really* spectacular, the pay is 10 Dollars per hour, but together with World of Goo being released for Linux, I certainly do get the impression that the penguin becomes relevant for selling games faster.

Sometimes I catch myself trying to figure out whether to support, oppose or ignore this pro-commercial-games-on-Linux development and try to figure out whether it is something good or bad. But then I come to my senses: it's nor good nor bad, it is natural evolution of the gaming market expanding to where money is. The only thing we'll loose is a billion of project that start merely for being able to play a commercial game natively on Linux. ^^ What we do earn is publicity for Linux. A lower transition barrier ("games is the only reason I use windows!"). In the end, a bigger audience (because open source games often are in GNU/Linux distro's repositories.)