Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tank-game, 3D game educational system, text-mode-pacman, wing update

Diamond Fighters

Товарищи, Diamond Fighters is a tank arcade game that can be played alone or in two-player mode against computer-controlled enemies in a progression-based level system. I find it quite fun (it has upgrades & destroyable walls!) and good-looking (yay for pretty explosions!). Its source code is GPLed (no idea about art.)

iamar [home page, project page] is a project for teaching students how to make 3d games. It covers 3D modelling in blender and 3D game programming. The project consists of video material and the "iamar browser" which uses an in-house scripting engine called "semblis".

I have not tried to run it yet, but it is rather relevant to my interests, even though the "we made our own scripting language" deal does sound rather lame.

iamar has one huge advantage over Alice and Platinum Arts Sandbox: A 100% free software license (the GPL). (I'm especially confused about Sandbox' license.)


Geek game news time! MyMan (yo!) is a Pac-Man clone for the command line interface. Despite being a text-mode game, it doesn't look like crap! No horrible Nethack-like symbol clutter! (Yes, you're reading the words of an ASCII-hater right now! :P) It also supposedly has sound, although I have not tried to build it with it enabled.

Wing (the pre-alpha landcape generator, remember?) has now five more team members and aims for being cross-platfrom (formerly dx-only). Best of luck to their efforts.

PS: This blog will be shut down due to copyright infringement on April the 21st, Charles has decided to live computer-free from now on, raising sheep in the Highlands and I'm Steve Ballmer.


  1. haha, you really need to work on your aprils fools jokes ;-)

  2. The thing myMan is, like so many Linux Programs, the sheer volume of the options available. It has many different options for formatting the output, and about 100 map and game variations. Just like most Linux programs these options are accessed through the command line, but once you have the window open you can lose a day exploring all the options, tho I wish there were a way to change them in game for the command line shy windows users.

  3. That MyMan is truly a joke, indeed. An 8 megabyte exe to very crappily simulate what the original did in well under 32k :( :( :( :(

  4. JavaJack: Didn't your girlfriend tell you that size ain't everything? ;)


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