Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fallout 3 Tech Demo released to Public Domain

Well I guess the big scoop is that the Van Buren aka Fallout 3 tech demo has been released to the public domain so is now Free Software. I wonder if the community will pick it up and make it work properly - apparently it is quite far away from being a playable game but my laptop is low on disk space so I can't find out right now.

I'll leave blurb to other sites.

Remember I mentioned a Gunbound clone effort that started in the Ubuntu Forums? Well, it is now called i-team, has a set of characters - how cool do they look!!? - and the guy has finished coding pixel perfect collision detection. It is moving ahead nicely and perhaps we'll see a game sooner rather than later emerging from this effort. :-)

I lamented yesterday that the game Bloboats wasn't available for download for Ubuntu. Well, d'oh, that's because it is in the Ubuntu repos but to be fair it did not say that on the Bloboats downloads page. Well I got an email from the author (thanks :-) and hopefully he'll correct that omitted detail.

I will stop by mentioning Soldat. 2D Quake-like war game worms style. Not open source. Only runs on Linux with WINE. But is cool. 'Nuff said.

This post was a bit disjoint and unelaborate. Perhaps my standards are slipping!