Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Blob Wars: Blob and Conquer 0.8 just got released, including boss battles. I haven't yet played it but it looks fun and a nice departure from typical FPS styles.

I came across BallDroppings the other day. This is less a game and more a toy - although aren't games just a form of toy? Self-described as an emergence game, you draw lines off which balls bounce to create sounds. Imagine cross-breeding a bouncey ball and a music keyboard, this is probably what you would get.

Somebody else has started an open source game blog, opensourcegames.blogspot.com. Competition? :P

I got one of my less tech-savvy friends playing UFO:AI over Christmas. He only found out it wasn't a commercial game or complete when he "finished" the game and it popped up a message explaining this. So congratulations to the UFO:AI developers! It says something about the quality of a Free game if uneducated players rank it alongside commercial counterparts.

Speaking of commercial(ish) games, AstroMenace looks great. It's completely free to play on Linux (yay) but Windows users will have to pay (haha). It's a stylish space shooter - a contemporary Xenon. Does anybody remember the Bitmap Brothers? They created some awesome games. And on that tangent, I shall end.